A New Job

The urge to take pictures has never been in me. You are more likely to find my pictures in other people’s albums. Maybe it’s because I tend to live in the moment, to experience things as they are meant to be experienced. But this new job is killing me, asking me to alter my mode of being—by clicking countless pictures that is. It’s for the client’s sake, really. Firstly, it is to avoid damaged deliveries, and secondly, it helps build trust. A philanthropic business, you ask? No, no, no. I mean philanthropy can’t really be a business, can it? But yeah, a hint of altruism maybe—there’s hospitality involved, you see. Oh, hey, wait! Another assignment, that means more pictures! Come with me, I’ll show you what we do. Here, take this camera…oh, come on take it! It isn’t all that hard…focus on that girl…yes, the one with the cloth stuffed in her mouth. What’s wrong? Why are your hands shaking? C’mon man, be quick, her mother’s been dying to see her.

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